He Slapped her back at the Light Rail Station

I imagine female to male violence  has always been around.  You see lot of it on social media ,where a female or females will taunt a male and hit him .  Random men on the subway to Bus drivers.  Females slapping often hitting men as hard as they can. Usually, these are young women, oftenContinue reading “He Slapped her back at the Light Rail Station”

Sacratomatoville Racism 2016A

Photo: Google A good friend was attacked last week in a parking lot of an shopping center here in Sacratomatoville.  She pulled into parking space and had gone to the rear of her car to get a few bags.   A car backing out of the space  to her right stopped and the passengers in the carContinue reading “Sacratomatoville Racism 2016A”

This is how you become a white supremacist

(Casarsa/iStock) I spent seven years leading hate groups and getting other angry white people to join. By Arno Michaelis/via the Washingon Post Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of being a warrior. I learned to read early and would sit in the library poring over books of Greek and Norse myths,Continue reading “This is how you become a white supremacist”

Nice Day for a Fight Wedding ( Nuptials Gone Wild!)

Picture/Google file By: Steve Myall/UK Mirror A bride told this week how she was punched to the floor in her gown by a male guest from a rival wedding at a posh hotel. She suffered bruised cheeks, nose and eye sockets as a fight erupted with up to 12 revellers who refused to share theContinue reading “Nice Day for a Fight Wedding ( Nuptials Gone Wild!)”

Damm! Chris Brown and Drake knows how to close down a club.

 No this is not from an episode of  “Basketball Wives”  This is the WIP.  NYPD closed W.I.P  the popular  South Village Nightclub Saturday for undisclosed (at this time) code violations.   Following a Wednesday night-Thursday morning brawl between Chris Brown and Drake and their entourage’s The Aftermath Chris Brown suffered a nasty gash on his chin hisContinue reading “Damm! Chris Brown and Drake knows how to close down a club.”