As a white parent, I solemnly swear to never do this

(Credit: YouTube/The Holderness Family) These awful white parent rap parody videos have got to stop By: Sarah Watts Here’s how you make a video go viral on social media: Take an attractive, nonthreatening white couple, throw in a couple of darling (white) kids, and have them all crowd the camera and sing about potty-training andContinue reading “As a white parent, I solemnly swear to never do this”

Student Makes X Rated film in College Library say’s she was bored

Kendra Sunderland, 19, has become an overnight star after her x-rated antics in a library went viral A teenager charged with public indecency over an x-rated film shot in a university library has said “I was bored”. Kendra Sunderland, 19, has been named as the woman behind a porn clip filmed on the Oregon StateContinue reading “Student Makes X Rated film in College Library say’s she was bored”

Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!

You gotta love living in America. Where else could Jo Ann Maxwell  a Physical Education teacher receive a paycheck, after she was filmed by a student at Linden High School  allegedly rummaging and removing items from  student backpacks and pockets. Linden, California is an hour southeast of Sacramento.  2000 people call Linden home.  For weeks some of the students at the schoolContinue reading “Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!”

There’s room for Video Thugs in Jail

If your assulted, or need assistance due to a nasty fall.   Your misadventure is likely to be filmed before you are rescused. The lowest form of humaniod, victimized a troubled woman, they taunted her and  punched her for one or two minutes of fame.      Their video went viral, their faces HD Sharp. Sac PoliceContinue reading “There’s room for Video Thugs in Jail”