Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur

NBA Reffree Bill Kennedy far Right, Rajon Rondo ( white sweat band) On Dec 3rd In a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in Mexico City.   NBA referee Bill Kennedy  ejected Rajon Rondo from the game due to consecutive technical fouls. Being ejected from a intense game is frustrating. However itsContinue reading “Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur”

San Antonio Spurs leaves the Star’s in the Sky’s

By CityFella The San Antonio Spars beat the Miami Heat after five games.    The win was decisive, early in the first quarter the Miami lead by 16 points.   It  clear by the third quarter the Spurs were fully in control , in the end they took it  104 to 87. I missed gameContinue reading “San Antonio Spurs leaves the Star’s in the Sky’s”