The Reason to buy Lotto Tickets: 2022 Volkswagen ID Buzz

It was a hit from the beginning. Few knew it was going to be an electric vehicle. It appeals to nostalgic Baby Boomers who remembers Volkswagen’s Mircobus. The functionality appeals to the Millennials and others simply like it because looks like nothing else. Its called Volkswagen ID Buzz, will lunch in Europe next year. TheContinue reading “The Reason to buy Lotto Tickets: 2022 Volkswagen ID Buzz”

Would free Gas (or electric charging) for three years Convert you?

Six short years ago, not many Americans outside of California and New York knew Electric cars existed. It’s about Range Far and away the most popular electric car sold in America was the Nissan Leaf introduced in 2011 These, $33,000 cars had a paltry driving range of 75 miles per charge, not practical for mostContinue reading “Would free Gas (or electric charging) for three years Convert you?”

Germany Is Betting Everything On Electric Cars

Image: Volkswagen   BY: Bradley Brownell/Jalopnik   Earlier in June the German government announced a huge economic stimulus package with sweeping incentives pushing the country toward an electric transit future. In all, the country will be spending some 130 billion euros on an economic recovery plan that involves cash for Germans buying electric cars, aContinue reading “Germany Is Betting Everything On Electric Cars”

Are the American auto manufacturers giving up on cars?

A few years ago, familiar American nameplates started to disappear, Plymouth, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac victims of overcapacity.    These models share most components with other corporate models.   Plymouth shared engines, suspensions with Chrysler and Dodge. Mercury with Ford and Lincoln.   Chevrolet, Buick shared parts with Oldsmobile and Pontiac. American manufactures have long struggled building fuelContinue reading “Are the American auto manufacturers giving up on cars?”

When A Diesel Engine becomes about Trump

  I don’t have a life, or anyone in my life at the moment.  My bed is filled with books, Pc’s and Tablets, various, car magazines, back issues of Consumer Reports issues ( I just purchased a top rated toaster) you get the idea. My mind is filled with useless and useful information. I’m outsideContinue reading “When A Diesel Engine becomes about Trump”

Sexy Beasts-Volvo and Buick introducing Sizzling Wagons (Just don’t call them Station)

  Photos: Car and Driver  Not long ago the vehicle of choice for many families in the US was the Station Wagon.  Vista Cruisers, parked along side Ford, Chrysler and other stations wagons capable of carrying ten passengers filled the nation Shopping Malls. In 1984, Chrysler changed the landscape with its Mini Vans, the landscapeContinue reading “Sexy Beasts-Volvo and Buick introducing Sizzling Wagons (Just don’t call them Station)”

Big Man Rides 2015/2016 Volkswagen Passat

One cant mention Volkswagen without mentioning the International Diesel Scandal. Which effects nearly the entire Volkswagen line  including the Passat. There are many questions concerning the future of VW and resale values.  Sales for VW through May 2016 is down 13% Volkswagen is currently the largest automaker in the world, larger than Toyota and GeneralContinue reading “Big Man Rides 2015/2016 Volkswagen Passat”

This is going to hurt, Volkswagen

By: Jamie Kitman/Automobile Magazine If one can call a battle with cancer a “personal Vietnam,” as writer and critic Susan Sontag once did, then maybe it is fair to term the lyin’-cheatin’-pollutin’ scandal that Volkswagen brought upon its house its personal nuclear holocaust. I mean, kaboom: VW’s loud proclamation that its new line of turbodieselContinue reading “This is going to hurt, Volkswagen”

VW and Audi diesels reach out to U.S. drivers

Why do people buy diesel-powered vehicles? Should you consider one? By Mark Phelan/Detroit Free Press The ★★★ 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen TDI station wagon and the ★★★ 2015 Audi A3 TDI sedan provide some answers to those questions. Both cars combine excellent fuel economy with lively performance, features that have long made diesels popular inContinue reading “VW and Audi diesels reach out to U.S. drivers”

The last days of the Stick Shift

  By CityFella, Stick Shift, that’s what my mother used to call cars with manual gearbox.  In her day,you changed gears on the column not on the floor. Like the Mercury above.   In those days, all the cars had foot brakes. You have to admire the skill of those people who lived in hillyContinue reading “The last days of the Stick Shift”