Stupid Files: 30 days in Jail and $2500 in fines for licking Ice Cream

What people do for a little internet fame.  Last August, a man went into Walmart and was filmed licking a half gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream ($3.50).and put if back in the freezer. What’s crazy, others  filmed themselves then uploaded it onto You Tube, Facebook, Instagram.   They’re being caught one upload at a time.Continue reading “Stupid Files: 30 days in Jail and $2500 in fines for licking Ice Cream”

The Job Seeker, The Workplace and Marijuana

By CityFella Nearly half the nation has legalized medicinal marijuana and four states and Washington DC has legalized recreational use. Some users assume with legalization,the laws with the workplace would change with the laws.   The short answer is no. With legalization some employers have seen their cost increase. They are now screening more applicantsContinue reading “The Job Seeker, The Workplace and Marijuana”

Oh Kay? It’s Friday, Dec 19,2014 (Spelling,Cuba, Barbie Cars)

Someone else cant spell  An unknown suspect vandalized Wendy Owens’s 2013 Chevrolet Sonic over the weekend while the car was parked outside her South Carolina residence. Owens told cops that she noticed Sunday that the car had the words “BICTH I’M GET YOU” scratched on its trunk. While Owens, 32, had no solid proof, she thought the vandalContinue reading “Oh Kay? It’s Friday, Dec 19,2014 (Spelling,Cuba, Barbie Cars)”

“If you let me suck your toe I’ll pay for your Groceries”

By CityFella:   31 year old Michael Anthony Brown  of North Carolina loves feet, he is especially passionate about toes.       PASSIONATE!    He love toes soooo much, he’s done jail time.  Not once, but several times. He is a sex offender….. According to North Carolina records, Brown was placed on the state’s sex offender registry in mid-2004 following hisContinue reading ““If you let me suck your toe I’ll pay for your Groceries””

Dollar Madness on 12 & S

It was coming and long overdue, I had to let go of my blue dustpan.   It was abused over the years ,walked on, sat on,  its been a part of my household for over four years now.(wiping a slow tear) But I had to let Betsy go.. (yes it has a name!) I haveContinue reading “Dollar Madness on 12 & S”

Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart

When you gotta go and go right now, you have certain expectations.  If your 61 year old Beth Davis  your not expecting to see a nude man in the women’s restroom of a Tulsa,Oklahoma Wal Mart at 830 in the morning. According to police documents, the grandmother of eight saw 37 year old Brian Hounslow  amusing hisContinue reading “Brian Hounslow didn’t realize he was in the Women’s Restroom at Wal Mart”

Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device

Next week, more people may buy online than in Retail Stores By: CityFella Some may remember these stores . Montgomery Wards, Mervyn’s ,Weinstocks, Gottschalks, Bon Marche , Bullocks, Bamburgers ,The Broadway, Britt’s Department Stores,Gimble’s , Newmans, Dayton’s, Jordan Marsh, Meier and Frank ,The Emporium stores these once anchored America’s Downtown’s and  Shopping Malls   ForContinue reading “Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device”

Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote

What is Conflict of interest?   Answer:  A conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust. Local Donations to the Sacramento Mayor and Council Members From Wal Mart From the Sacramento Bee Mayor Kevin Johnson $800,000 Jay Schenirer foundation received $50,000. Councilwoman Angelique Ashby summer camp program received $7,000. DarrellContinue reading “Conflict of Interest at City Hall? The Big (Wal Mart)Box Vote”

After three years Wal Mart employee earns $8.90 per hour-Massive Black Friday Strike Planned

After three years Colby Harris ears $8.90 an hour at the Wal Mart in Lancaster Texas.  “ We have to borrow money from each other just to make it to work”        “I work full time for one the riches companies  in the world and my kids get state health insurance and  we are on food stamps.  SaraContinue reading “After three years Wal Mart employee earns $8.90 per hour-Massive Black Friday Strike Planned”

The Raley’s Strike and Beyond

In 1914, Henry Ford paid its workers an unheard of salary of $5.oo dollars  a day.    At the time the average wage was less than $2.50. per day.   The reasoning behind the  high wages so that the workers could afford the car they were building.       In  China, most of theContinue reading “The Raley’s Strike and Beyond”