Yeah, the Diet Cokes and Junk Food. But This Look at Trump’s Hotel Is All About Influence-Peddling.

GETTY IMAGES A fantastic story in the Washingtonian details how patrons at Trump’s property were climbing all over each other to grease their way to power’s proximity. By: Jack Holmes/ We scarcely ever talk about the fact that our most recent ex-president was an extremely weird guy. Completely bizarro specimen. This inalienable truth was reinforced in aContinue reading “Yeah, the Diet Cokes and Junk Food. But This Look at Trump’s Hotel Is All About Influence-Peddling.”

Is this the world’s most underrated train journey?

Washington DC’s palatial Union Station CREDIT: AP By: Anthony Horowitz/UK Telegraph A book tour of America is a true rite of passage.Everything is arranged – hotels, flights, limos – and you travel huge distances but see almost nothing; mainly bookstores and schools. If what follows feels confused and a little brusque, I’ve captured something of the experience.Continue reading “Is this the world’s most underrated train journey?”

Jackie Evancho Headlines Trumps Inauguration

16 year old Jackie Evancho is one of the headliners at Trumps Inauguration next week. Evancho appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2010. She has released six albums.She has performed for  President Obama at the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree in 2010. _______________________________________________ By Jane C. Timm/NBC Two weeks out from the president-elect’s swearingContinue reading “Jackie Evancho Headlines Trumps Inauguration”

Does Chris Brown Hate Gays?

By: CityFella On Monday, 20 year old  Issac Adam Parker tried to jump into a photo that Chris Brown was posing for with a female fan on the sidewalk outside the W hotel in Washington DC, when the singer. reportedly said  “I’m not down with that gay shit” and “I feel like boxing,” Last January, heContinue reading “Does Chris Brown Hate Gays?”

24 Billion thanks to the Tea Party (milk and sugar please)

24 BILLION DOLLARS 24000000000.00  Impressive Right? (so many zeros) That’s according to an estimate from Standard & Poor’s. The financial services company said the shutdown, which ended with a deal late Wednesday night after 16 days, took $24 billion out of the U.S. economy, and reduced projected fourth-quarter GDP growth from 3 percent to 2.4Continue reading “24 Billion thanks to the Tea Party (milk and sugar please)”

Gay Talk Show in Sacramento? “The Swirl”

Talk radio in Sacramento for the most part is to the right and this is true for most parts of the country.  Liberal’s aren’t funny, they seem to forget radio is ‘ENTERTANMENT”   This is also applies to Christian Radio.   The conservative host understand this,  you can almost  can hear a wink in their voices as to say, IContinue reading “Gay Talk Show in Sacramento? “The Swirl””

Indians cross 3 million mark in US, 1 million have voting rights

They are caricatured through convenience store owner Apu in the cartoon series The Simpsons, celebrated for their victories in Spelling Bee contests and success in Silicon Valley entrepreneurship, and courted for their wealth given their status as the ethnic group with the highest per capita income in U.S. Sometimes they are also chastised for not beingContinue reading “Indians cross 3 million mark in US, 1 million have voting rights”