Somewhere in West Sacramento

Uber and Lyft have decimated the Taxi industry especially in here in Sacramento. Their large presence as resulted in increased traffic in most cities. At Sacramento International Uber and Lyft was responsible for major backups at the Terminal. As a result they relocated Uber and Lyft pickup locations at the Airport. Taxi’s are Still SuperiorContinue reading “Somewhere in West Sacramento”

Against the Water

 Sacramento River (Just outside of Downtown)  By CityFella A few weeks ago, I posted this picture of the Sacramento River on my Facebook page.   Many people including a few Sacramentians asked were it was taken?   I was struck by the number of people from the Bay Area, who didn’t know Sacramento had aContinue reading “Against the Water”

Save Money-Live Better and Wait

By CityFella March 27, 2014 (9pm) Wal Mart Supercenter, West Sacramento Needed a late night Blender.    (the Supercenter is open 24 hours)  The blender I chose  had a dented box.  Opened the box, everything was Okay.   Picked up a couple of  items and figured check out would be fast. Check out was aContinue reading “Save Money-Live Better and Wait”

The Ultimate Insult

By CityFella You know the feeling, the rush, the panic, when you pat your pants pockets or look inside your purse and your keys are missing.     The sudden turn around and panic that follows.   In your head your trying to be rational,but those keys are your world!  The gateway to everything! ThatContinue reading “The Ultimate Insult”

The Urban Neighborhood you WILL want to live in

Its happening where the lights are bright.   Downtown- Midtown and East Sacramento.   Baby Boomers, empty Nesters and Millennials  are returning to the urban core where one can walk to restaurants,shops museums and other venues. The once dormant condo market is on fire in midtown.   During the Economic crises, they couldn’t give condos away, many became rentals.    Continue reading “The Urban Neighborhood you WILL want to live in”