Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait

When I’m looking for the the ultimate customer experiece,Wal Mart doesn’t come to mind. Like billions of shoppers on the planet, it’s promise of low prices. I spend nearly $2500 a year at the West Sacramento, Wal Mart. The average family spends more than $5100 a year at a Wal Mart. Most of MY dollarsContinue reading “Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait”

Black Shoppers Aren’t Worthy at Wal Mart

At Super-WalMart shoppers can freely pickup a $500 Flat Screen TV or a $15.00 bottle of wine. However if you want to buy a Black hair product a $5.00 box of Hair Relaxer or $1.27 bar of Coconut Soap.  You must press a button and WAIT for a Wal-Mart associate to unlock the glass case. TheContinue reading “Black Shoppers Aren’t Worthy at Wal Mart”

A passing ignorance

A few days ago I overheard someone say they never come to Downtown Sacramento its too dangerous.  For someone who has lived in San Francisco and New York and frequently visit other large cities this is laughable. Not that I would, but you could eat of the streets downtown Sacramento.  This isn’t true of  SanContinue reading “A passing ignorance”

Walk for me Mitt and Electric Scooter Adventures….

Ever notice Mitt Romney during his campaigns stops on TV?  Watch him as he walks across that stage,  he is absolutely graceful.   He could be in the swimsuit competition at  the  Miss America Contest.   Notice the  fast and short steps,what grace ,and the wave, I can just see Miss Rhode Island gnashing her teeth ,nice walk Mitt. I’m a overweight  man andContinue reading “Walk for me Mitt and Electric Scooter Adventures….”

Sacramento: A city in Free Fall

A few years after incorporating in 1849, Sacramento became the State Capital.  In 1918 Mather Field Air Force Base opened outside of Sacramento..  In 1935 McClellan Air Force Base opened outside the city limits,finally the Sacramento Army Depot opened in 1940. At one point in the history of the city, one out of every three Sacramentians worked for the goverment.   TheContinue reading “Sacramento: A city in Free Fall”

Politics 2010: Is America Ready for a Married Gay Candidate?

David Larson lost his bid for Roseville’s council. He didn’t disclose the gender of his “spouse,” but an online reader made it known that he is married to a man. Before he ran for City Council, the fact that David Larson is gay wasn’t widely known to Roseville’s voting public. Those who had personal dealings withContinue reading “Politics 2010: Is America Ready for a Married Gay Candidate?”