There she is….A Former Miss Kentucky sending topless picture to 15 year old

  There she was……… topless!!!!  Ramsey Beth Ann Bearse ” Miss Kentucky 2014 Sometime between August and October sent four topless photos via snapchat to her former student who is 15. The boy, a was student at the Andrew Jackson Middle School in Cross Lanes, West Virginia from the sixth to the eight grade whereContinue reading “There she is….A Former Miss Kentucky sending topless picture to 15 year old”

President Donald Trump’s “Worst Day Ever!”

A Very Dark Cloud will follow President Donald Trump as he enters the Civic Center in Charleston,West Virginia in a few minutes where he plans to encourage voters to support Republican Candidates in the midterm elections. Just a few hours ago, his former campaign chairman was convicted by a Virginia jury of eight unrelated felonies: FiveContinue reading “President Donald Trump’s “Worst Day Ever!””

Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?

By :CityFella Last February ,a CSX train carrying more than three million gallons of crude oil derailed in Mount Carbon West Virginia. The fires burned in this town of 2000 for days.  Each tank carried 30,000 gallons of Balkken Crude Oil from North Dakota. Hundreds of families were evacuated after losing their drinking water andContinue reading “Bombs on wheels through Sacramento twice a Day?”