Meet the American trans activist seeking asylum in Sweeden

Danni Askini, the trans activist seeking asylum in Sweden. Photo: John Victory By:Ruben Dieleman/The Local MY SWEDISH CAREER: Danni Askini, 36, has been in Sweden since July 9th, but she has visited the country ‘some 20 times’ previously. This time however, Askini hopes to stay: she has had to flee the United States after herContinue reading “Meet the American trans activist seeking asylum in Sweeden”

You Didn’t BELIEVE him!

With the exception of CNN’s  Ana Navarro there was shock, tears and awe on cable news yesterday.   Donald Trump is A racist?   Let’s step into the Wayback Machine Not that far….. June 16, 2015, Trump Tower New York City.  “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you.Continue reading “You Didn’t BELIEVE him!”