Clinging to the past

28 years ago “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” premiered on NBC. Starring, a 21 year old Willard Carroll Smith Jr (as Will) Last week, I came across a video of Janet Hubert on Facebook. While most people know Will Smith, few people know Ms Hubert by her given name. However, she is known the worldContinue reading “Clinging to the past”

“Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..

By CityFella   25 year old Vitalii Sediuk loves American celebrities.  He’s been slapped by Will Smith.   His face has been under America Ferrera’s dress and in the crotches of  Bradley Cooper AND Leonardo DiCaprio.   Encounters with other A- listers has made him celebrity enemy  number one. Who is he? Vitalii Sediuk was aContinue reading ““Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..”

Will Smith’s Super-Trailer

He may be the Fresh Prince, but he’s living like a king! The trailer that Will Smith uses for chill out time when he’s filming movies is the most pimped out thing on 22 wheels ever. Nicknamed ‘The Heat’, the two-story motor home is over 16 metres long and weighs 30 tons. Inside it boastsContinue reading “Will Smith’s Super-Trailer”

Did too much porn…….

Enlarge(Credit: gremlin via iStock) Like other boys my age, I grew up with unlimited access to smut. At 23, I wonder if it’s totally screwed me up It was the era of Kazaa and we knew no better. Among my group of male friends at my austere private elementary school, watching, discussing and even sharing pornography became aContinue reading “Did too much porn…….”