RHOA season7 episode 5 “Friend or Faux”

Todd Tucker's mom Miss Sharon passed away on Tuesday


The Real Housewives of Atlanta has taken a dip in the ratings of late.  Nearly a million people turned to something else since the first episode.    The ride has been pleasant, but that not what we tune in for..   If your want pleasant, you tune into the “Andy Griffith Show” on RHOA ,we want drama.

And ladies and germs, drama’s back.

We are seeing more of Claudia,and she is a breath of fresh air.  Unlike the other peaches who are stiff and stuffy,Claudia seems very open and real.   We open in her new high rise unfurnished  home with her ATL gurl  Kenya.   The two ladies have known each other for ten years.  Claudia talks about her challenges being a bi-racial child and the strained relationship she has with her Italian mother its something the two share as Kenya doesn’t have a relations with her mother.  Claudia is funny,at one point she is laying  Claudia is laying on her bed stroking  her cat saying, “You’re not afraid of a little pussy, are you?   In this scene  Kenya telling Claudia what  Kandi told her the other girls thought Apollo was lying about lying,    Apollo is going to jail Iets hope this boring story goes to jail with him.   #tired

Meanwhile in Fayetteville 

Todd and Kandi is visiting her old home she gave her mom “Monster Joyce”    Turns out Monster was living in Sin. with a man, who fff up her place.  Bath tubs, pipes, lighting fixtures torn out.    Which now reminds one of the old Winchester Mansion with many unfinished rooms.  Kandi is pissed. Monster said she didn’t want that house, because it wasn’t in her name?     Todd asks when is enough going to be enough for her with her mother?   You know what she said….,   #mymomma

She meets with her aunts (two members of the Old Lady Gang, who asked her when was she having a new baby and asked about Todds mother Sharon.  She tells them Sharon’ still mad about Monster calling her was a whore.. #ho

Kandi heads over to Phaedra  house.   Phaedra who is looking hot, tells Kandi ”  She is the the Queen of Green—money and guacamole.”   Kandi is trying to get  Phaedra to make nice nice with Kenya (good luck with that) . Phaedra points out  Kenya’s history with Walter and her African “boyfriend” leads her to believe that she probably just paid Apollo to apologize. # yourkiddingright? .

Spoiler Alert! its time for Bravo’s let get re-acquainted dinner. 

Cynthia is at home with Peter, her sister Malorie and her mom who is cooking dinner. The topic, Nene.   For someone who wants to be rid of Nene………   moving the hell on.

The apology dinner was like a death march, the only person who wanted to be there was Kandi.  While most people were ordering water, Cynthia was getting her drink on.

Kenya was the first to speak. : She says that Apollo apologized to her for lying, and so she would appreciate it if they would all just give her the benefit of the doubt about it. hoped she’d be. Nene says she has never called her a whore. Phaedra says, “I’ll say that honestly, I called you a whore, and I called you a slut because if it look like a duck, and it act like a duck, and it’s yellow, then it’s probably a duck.”  (pencils down class)

Kenya asks that they stop persecuting her, Phaedra puts it on the record that she will stop persecuting her. Her demeanor  says bitch, you stay in your side of time i’ll stay on mine .

Next up, the title match…… Nene and Cynthia.       Kandi the facilitator says  “Nene, have you and Cynthia had a chance to speak lately?”

On one side Nene, who has the lung capacity of an opera singer, a woman who knows no commas, the period happens wihen she want it to….   Getting a word in #nothappening         On the other side we have Cynthia, who…….(head down)


Cynthia: You want me to go all into it?
Nene: I don’t have anything to hide.
Cynthia: Well—
Cynthia: <Nene screams>
Nene: I get really heated with you trying to act like you’re SOME INNOCENT ASS PERSON here, when you know you DEAD ASS WRONG, Cynthia.
Cynthia: <blinks between screams>
Cynthia: Thank you.

There is a lot of pain here, the two of them are in pain..  Nene is nearly in tears when she says

“I had your back when nobody else had your back, recall that. And I loved you like a f–king sister.”

Cynthia squeaked in a few words.    Speaking of words. this will continue through next week.     Will the two mend their broken friendship……  Stay tune…


SIDENOTE. Sharon Tucker, Todd’s mom died last week after suffering a stroke.  She was buried this weekend.  On his Instragram account Todd wrote: “Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend!



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