The Women’s March Tries to Repair the Damage. Is It Too Late?

  Women’s March 2017 Sacramento By: Emily Shugerman/Daily Beast  After a bruising 2019, marked by shrinking crowds, dueling marches, and allegations of anti-Semitism, the Women’s March is attempting a rebrand. This year, the march is back for a fourth time with a new board, a new format—and a new tagline. The theme is Women Rising,Continue reading “The Women’s March Tries to Repair the Damage. Is It Too Late?”

Muslim ban: Japanese and Muslim Americans join forces

Children at the Weill public school in San Francisco pledge allegiance to the American flag in April 1942, prior to the internment of Japanese Americans [Dorothea Lange/Ceative Commons] Japanese Americans remember discrimination they endured during WWII and say they will defend Muslim Americans. By:Massoud Hayoun/Al Jazerra Los Angeles, United States – For Japanese and MuslimContinue reading “Muslim ban: Japanese and Muslim Americans join forces”

Women Needed Stat!

WOMEN make up over fifty percent of the US population and but hold less than twenty percent of the seats in congress.   Laws that protect women are under attack. From health care to rape. By men who will never give birth, who are not likely to know anyone who was raped or beaten byContinue reading “Women Needed Stat!”

Word Power: Australia Senator Pauline Hanson wants to Ban Muslims

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump called on the United States to bar all Muslims from entering the country until the nation’s leaders can “figure out what is going on” following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California.  After the Paris Terrorist attacks he wanted a database to track Muslims. Attacks on Muslims and people who have beenContinue reading “Word Power: Australia Senator Pauline Hanson wants to Ban Muslims”

When The Women Marched in Sacramento

One Voice Women, Men, Grands, Great Grands, Gay Men and Women, different faiths, backgrounds converged on Capitol Mall. Women’s March on Washington, Sacramento Photo: Facebook (Fatima Abdulla Rebah)   

When will Trump Supporters Revolt?

The war between the GOP and the President is over. The just say no era is over.  45 is the Commander and Chief. In his first 24 hours he has signed two bills that will effect his low and middle income supporters.  Fewer of his supporter can qualify for low interest mortgage loans and heContinue reading “When will Trump Supporters Revolt?”