Women Needed Stat!

WOMEN make up over fifty percent of the US population and but hold less than twenty percent of the seats in congress.   Laws that protect women are under attack. From health care to rape. By men who will never give birth, who are not likely to know anyone who was raped or beaten byContinue reading “Women Needed Stat!”

For those who want to confine women

A certain group in society has recently said women should be employed in jobs that put them in direct contact with men and are unsuitable to their natures. This group has claimed this will help lower women’s unemployment and ensure that they can be financially independent. In reality, however, this group wants to confine womenContinue reading “For those who want to confine women”

Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women

  BY ZERLINA MAXWELL There is something missing in all the talk about the Paul Ryan pick. The focus has been on his economic views and his proposed budget, which would end Medicare as we know it. We need to start talking about his extreme views on women’s rights and social issues. Ryan may come off asContinue reading “Paul Ryan: Just plain bad for women”