Want insight on your favorite Show? Try You Tube

A lifetime has passed since someone shot JR Ewing on Dallas.  If you wanted to talk about it, you could hope someone an AM radio would talk about it.   What it if were lesser shows like Knott’s Landing or another nighttime drama… You were out of luck . Today with the advent of the netContinue reading “Want insight on your favorite Show? Try You Tube”

Watch woman quit her job through hilarious interpretive dance video to her bemused bosses

Quitting your job is never easy, but Marina Shifrin’s interpretive dance video has to be the best way to go out with a bang Marina Shifrin has become the envy of thousands after she quit her job in the most amusing way possible. By: Rebecca Pocklington/Daily Mirror Having given up her social life, relationships andContinue reading “Watch woman quit her job through hilarious interpretive dance video to her bemused bosses”

You’re too ugly to visit Spain anyway’

Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language,” said the MEP following the barrage of insults she has received. Photo: YouTube By: Alex Dunham/The Local A member of the European Parliament has received a barrage of online abuse by Twitter trolls after she publicly encouragedContinue reading “You’re too ugly to visit Spain anyway’”

Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims

Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez shocked shoppers on Madrid‘s emblematic Gran Via on Tuesday by staging a re-enactment of last month’s Bangladesh factory disaster to raise awareness about the working conditions in the Asian country’s textile industry. Dominguez, 35, organized the ‘real fashion victims’ campaign which involved several fashion bloggers spreadeagled under piles of rubble inContinue reading “Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims”

Internet touch underwear

Boldly stating that their new product is the “future of foreplay“, Durex Australia claim that ‘Fundawear’ allows for “touch to be transferred over the internet.” Deploying technology normally used to make a mobile phone vibrate, actuators wired into the under garments are remotely stimulated via a smartphone app, according to videos uploaded to Durex Australia’sContinue reading “Internet touch underwear”

Say ‘Allo’ to France’s very own Kim Kardashian

Admirers call her a “bimbo”, and she considers her Double D cup breasts the “best investment” she ever made. A reality TV star, hungry for fame in the English-speaking world, meet Nabilla Benattia – the French Kim Kardashian. Who’s Nabilla Benattia? She’s a 20-year-old reality TV star and freelance model. Why has she been inContinue reading “Say ‘Allo’ to France’s very own Kim Kardashian”

Young king of net vulgarity

New Zealand-born Tristan Barker is wanted by authorities in Australia over comments made on the internet. THE son of a top musician has been unmasked as Australia’s most prolific internet troll and is being investigated by detectives for online stalking. Tristan Barker, 18, who has a track record of terrorizing vulnerable members of the community, said hisContinue reading “Young king of net vulgarity”

It’s the 12-12-12 Mash-Donald Trump-Sacramento Kings-Psy Sillyness and Indian Rap

It’s December 12th Twenty Twelve, a lot of people all over the world are getting married today.   Did you get an invitation for cake today?  Neither did I ..  Moving on… I can’t believe I missed the Trumpster’s Announcement for the cast  of 2013 Celebrity Apprentice  (All Stars) back in October.  They are currently shooting inContinue reading “It’s the 12-12-12 Mash-Donald Trump-Sacramento Kings-Psy Sillyness and Indian Rap”

Hate Speech at the University of Cailfornia, Los Angeles being ignored by the local media?

UCLA’s been battling a growing problem with hate speech on campus. Why won’t local media divulge the dirty details? There is plenty that’s horrible about a racist, sexist act of vandalism at the University of California, Los Angeles. But along with the crime itself, there’s yet another depressing aspect to the story: the way it’sContinue reading “Hate Speech at the University of Cailfornia, Los Angeles being ignored by the local media?”